Joint Stands Worldwide

A Trade Fair Presence abroad without too much effort

Our aim is to help you realise successful presentations at official German and Bavarian participations in trade fairs abroad and indeed WORLDWIDE.

German and Bavarian companies receive advice and support from the German government as they venture into foreign markets through trade fair programmes in other countries.

Good terms & organisational support

As well as receiving good terms for your stand rental and stand construction, you will find that we can provide expert support on all organisational issues concerning trade fair presentations in other countries.

  • We provide support before the exhibition
  • We are there for you during the exhibition
  • We ensure that the trade fair runs smoothly for you
  • We support you in your promotional activities

Foreign Trade Fair Programmes

The Foreign Trade Fair Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany is co-ordinated by the Association of the
German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA):    

The Foreign Trade Fair Programme of the Free State of Bavaria 
is organised by the Bavarian Bureau for International Business Relations.   Bayern International