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What could be more revealing than the views of our customers and business partners...?

Kundenbeispiel Firma bebob - DEGA-Expoteam

“We have had intensive support from DEGA EXPOTEAM since 2010, and our experience with them has so far been very good. Whenever we exhibited at trade fair venues that were new and challenging for us – e.g. in Russia, India and Brazil – they organised our presence for us to our best satisfaction, while keeping within the specified schedule and budget. As we place the highest priority on sales activities, it is all the more helpful and reassuring to have a reliable partner like DEGA EXPOTEAM handling all the support functions for our trade fair presence and doing it with such straightforwardness and expertise. We would particularly like to emphasise the professionalism with which DEGA EXPOTEAM meets our ideas and preferences as they satisfy our requirements and put them into practice. We are looking forward to the next trade fairs together.”

Company bebob, Mr. Christoph Aust

I am very grateful to have experienced the FACIM show. And the German tent, was immaculate by comparison to the messy and disorganised other tents at the show.

Firma Unicor, Mrs. Beáta Gers






“What makes DEGA-EXPOTEAM such an excellent partner for our trade fair construction is their great commitment, reliability, support and absolutely perfect handling procedures. In particular, we’d like to mention their professionalism, straightforwardness and on-time delivery, from planning to completion. We were able to delegate a large part of our trade fair preparations to this team. We have so far had very good experiences with DEGA-EXPOTEAM."

Nevoga, Katrin Rettenbacher

"These are our honest ideas about your team, thanks to your great collaboration. DEGA-EXPOTEAM is a very professional and expert company which provides a very valuable service with a reasonable price. During our cooperations,we always felt their supports and assistances. Thanks to their sensitivity in order to deliver the jobs on time, we never had to face any single problem.We are looking forward to working with DEGA-EXPOTEAM with our next projects soon."

Company ÖZMER, Mr. Murat Piskin

Bayern International

“Year on year, we organise a trade fair presence for the State of Bavaria at over 50 exhibitions in about 30 countries, and so we need reliable and committed partners such as DEGA-EXPOTEAM GmbH. Whenever we take part in a trade fair anywhere in the world, we confidently rely on DEGA. Their expertise in the on-time implementation of trade fair stands is superb, as they find solutions to any problems that occur on site. Moreover, DEGA has been a great support and has shown lots of initiative in helping us in our customer acquisition. DEGA has become a key partner for ourselves and for our Bavarian exhibitors.”

Bavarian Bureau for International Business Relations